First Things First: A Guide To Getting Started In The Kitchen (eBook)

$25.00 AUD

First Things First: A Guide to Getting Started in the Kitchen takes you back to basics with what you’ll need to rock everyday cooking. Equipment, ingredients, skills and much more… including over 70 RECIPES!

This guide details the essential utensils, why you need them and what to look for when purchasing. You’ll have everything you need to make simple & delicious meals using our homemade seasoning mixes.

Included is how to store and make the most of our recommended pantry staples: the ‘4 Pillars of the Pantry’ (Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Eggs). Get excited about perfectly poached eggs, homemade pasta and cheesy mash!

From information on meal planning to measurement conversions (& much more!), say hello to your new kitchen companion – First Things First.

We have a video series dedicated to the information in First Things First you can see here:

Miss Molly Makes is one of the first Australian dedicated live cooking channels on We have a strong focus on pop culture theming by recreating food from TV shows, games and cuisines.

Co-created and run by Wife & Husband duo Lauren (Molly) and Troy (Exceede), we are passionate about removing the barriers of entry into the kitchen. Our goal is to empower everyone to make simply delicious food while creating memories with those around them!

This is the digital edition of First Things First (instantly delivered via email). For the physical edition, which includes the eBook as well, please click here.